How to delete .Saturn ransomware

Saturn is a high-profile ransom attack. It features a malicious encryption whereby the users find their

Delete ( redirect ( is yet another intrusive add-on. IT security classifies it as adware of moderate severity.

Delete GandCrab Ransomware and decrypt .GDCB extension files

GandCrab, also referred to as GDCB according to the extension it adds to mark the files

Delete Repid ransomware and decrypt your data!

Rapid encryption trojan never idles. It is always ready to encrypt another portion of data. Rapid

Yoshikada ransomware, another malicious implementation for AES cipher

Yoshikada, a ransom trojan detected in December 2017, is now among the top extortion viruses. Meanwhile,

.Sexy encryption by Globe Imposter ransomware, .Sexy virus to hold data hostage

.Sexy virus is a spin-off of Globe Imposter encryption-for-ransom. The latter, in its turn, is known

Delete Java ransomware and decrypt .java extension files

Java ransomware hacks computer system with AES encryption. While the system can safely operate, the data

Delete fake Chrome Start page tab is just another fake Google custom page. Comparing this one against exposes no difference.

Remove redirects to avoid noise, spam, pop-ups, privacy issues, malware redirects browsers to its pages, retrieves their data and has nothing to do with respecting

File Spider ransomware – how to decrypt your data and delete this virus

FileSpider ransomware hits Balkan countries. It addresses its victims in the local languages demanding the ransom