Get rid of CryPy ransomware and decrypt .cry files

CryPy (.cry) extortion features a tedious yet highly efficient approach. Just like any crypto trojan, the

How to delete and decrypt .crypted virus

.crypted is a new extension added to the files hit by ransomware. Its detection dates back

Get rid of malicious encryption by Readme.hta. Cerber random extensions virus removal

Readme.hta marks a new spinoff of the infamous Cerber ransomware. The virus is notorious for its

JohnyCryptor ransomware: how do I decrypt extension? is a luxury ransomware. It demands from its victims a ransom amounting to at least

Get rid of redirects from Chrome, IE and Firefox creates a forced traffic to its URL. The cyber violence features a browser hijacker. The removal: a comprehensive guidance originates from the same adware as Users do not visit those pages deliberately. The

Get rid of Firefox-Patch.exe message and fake update

Firefox-Patch.exe fakes a notification from Mozilla browser. Remarkably, it may appear in any Chrome and other

Delete Tavanero Search ( to ensure your browsing meets your preferences

Tavanero Search (hххp:// denies your indispensable right to adjust your software to your needs. It hijacks your browser.

Delete Odin ransomware (# _HOWDO_text # virus)

Odin extends names of the files encrypted by Locky ransomware.  The latter used to apply a

Delete ByteFence hijacking impacts to restore your browser preferences

ByteFence (ByteFence search)  is a special case of browser hijacking. What’s wrong with the app? Why,