Get your .Osiris files back and completely delete this virus

.Osiris is a malicious encryption program. It belongs to the notorious strain of ransomware dubbed Locky.

Removal of Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam

Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam pretends to be a native alarm generated by Windows. It

How to delete .svg virus

.svg virus serves as a gateway for many other computer infections. Svg is a file extension

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.zzzzz refers to the appendix added by a just-surfaced variant of notorious Locky ransomware. The infection

How to get your .Aesir files back and completely delete this ransomware?

.aesir is what users would see at the end of the files they cannot open. Any

How to decrypt Crysis ransomware and delete it manually

Crysis ransomware emerged just in between the Crysis caused by the outbreak of extortion malware. This

Delete Cerber 4.1.1 virus and decrypt files

Cerber 4.1.1 is a malicious computer program. It is meant to extort money from its victims.

Get rid of .thor encryption. Data recovery and ransomware removal

.thor is to substitute .shit in the family of the notorious Locky ransomware. The weird dotted

Get rid of .Shit ransomware and decrypt all files

‘.shit‘ refers to the extension added to the files encrypted by the new strain of Locky.

Get rid of CryPy ransomware and decrypt .cry files

CryPy (.cry) extortion features a tedious yet highly efficient approach. Just like any crypto trojan, the