Delete ByteFence hijacking impacts to restore your browser preferences

ByteFence (ByteFence search)  is a special case of browser hijacking. What’s wrong with the app? Why,

Delete CrypMIC locker (encryptor) and restore your files

CrypMIC is remarkably similar to CryptXXX. That being said, the two items originate from independent teams.

Remove RAA locker. Decrypt the .locked and .blocked exntesion files

.locked or .locked, the items hit by the notorious RAA ransomware require a complex treatment. Otherwise,

How to decrypt .cerber3 files (HELP DECRYPT #.txt virus removal)

Ransomware makers and ransomware prosecution are in constant cat-and-mouse game. The black hats update their extortion

Delete WildFire Locker encryption trojan and dectypt .wflx data

WildFire Locker (.wflx file extension) is a piece of ransomware that hits users worldwide. It keeps

Remove browser hijacker: Russian website to abuse worldwide traffic

hxxp:// features a content written in Russian. The webpage hijacks browsers with its trojan. The latter

Decrypt .cerber2 files. New ransomware removal, and prevention

As Cerber ransomware introduced a new extension, the IT observers reported a fresh version of the

Get rid of new tab hijacker hacks your browser settings. Obviously, it is not the website itself that performs the cyber

Delete Tencent\QQPCMgr (Tencent adware)

Tencent\QQPCMgr is not an application to satisfy most of the users outside Asia or just China

.docm file ransomware: remove VBA based virus and encrypt files

.docm file trojan does not refer to any particular infection. It rather designates an infection vector.