Yearly Archive:: 2016

Delete Tpoxa search virus or rather is a website that delivers fake Google custom searches. The URL enjoys

Delete aMuleC browser adware

aMuleC  (AMule C 2.3.2)  is not an application to satisfy most of the users outside Asia

How to decrypt .filock and delete Popcorn Time ransomware

Popcorn Time ransomware seems to be a testing area for ransomware. Its installation and follow-up actions

Get rid of redirects targeting the browser hijacker overrides your browser settings. The action wipes off your preferences as for new tab URL,

Get rid of Cerber 5.0.1 (_README_.hta) encryption

Cerber Ransomware 5.0.1 breaks through multiple protection layers. It deploys its malicious infiltration campaign in a

.Wallet file extension ransomware removal and data decryption

.Wallet ransomware to revive the retired CrySiS: best tips to withstand the malicious encryption .Wallet ransomware

Delete Goldeneye ransomware and decrypt your files

Goldeneye ransomware belongs to the same tribe of extortion viruses as Petya and Mischa. Some IT

Get your .Osiris files back and completely delete this virus

.Osiris is a malicious encryption program. It belongs to the notorious strain of ransomware dubbed Locky.

Removal of Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam

Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam pretends to be a native alarm generated by Windows. It

How to delete .svg virus

.svg virus serves as a gateway for many other computer infections. Svg is a file extension