Monthly Archive:: September 2016

Delete Odin ransomware (# _HOWDO_text # virus)

Odin extends names of the files encrypted by Locky ransomware.  The latter used to apply a

Delete ByteFence hijacking impacts to restore your browser preferences

ByteFence (ByteFence search)  is a special case of browser hijacking. What’s wrong with the app? Why,

Delete CrypMIC locker (encryptor) and restore your files

CrypMIC is remarkably similar to CryptXXX. That being said, the two items originate from independent teams.

Remove RAA locker. Decrypt the .locked and .blocked exntesion files

.locked or .locked, the items hit by the notorious RAA ransomware require a complex treatment. Otherwise,

How to decrypt .cerber3 files (HELP DECRYPT #.txt virus removal)

Ransomware makers and ransomware prosecution are in constant cat-and-mouse game. The black hats update their extortion