Monthly Archive:: October 2016

Get rid of .thor encryption. Data recovery and ransomware removal

.thor is to substitute .shit in the family of the notorious Locky ransomware. The weird dotted

Get rid of .Shit ransomware and decrypt all files

‘.shit‘ refers to the extension added to the files encrypted by the new strain of Locky.

Get rid of CryPy ransomware and decrypt .cry files

CryPy (.cry) extortion features a tedious yet highly efficient approach. Just like any crypto trojan, the

How to delete and decrypt .crypted virus

.crypted is a new extension added to the files hit by ransomware. Its detection dates back

Get rid of malicious encryption by Readme.hta. Cerber random extensions virus removal

Readme.hta marks a new spinoff of the infamous Cerber ransomware. The virus is notorious for its

JohnyCryptor ransomware: how do I decrypt extension? is a luxury ransomware. It demands from its victims a ransom amounting to at least

Get rid of redirects from Chrome, IE and Firefox creates a forced traffic to its URL. The cyber violence features a browser hijacker. The removal: a comprehensive guidance originates from the same adware as Users do not visit those pages deliberately. The

Get rid of Firefox-Patch.exe message and fake update

Firefox-Patch.exe fakes a notification from Mozilla browser. Remarkably, it may appear in any Chrome and other

Delete Tavanero Search ( to ensure your browsing meets your preferences

Tavanero Search (hххp:// denies your indispensable right to adjust your software to your needs. It hijacks your browser.