Monthly Archive:: September 2017

Delete .ykcol ransomware and decrypt your files

Ykcol is but a spin-off of Locky ransomware, the latter has been around for a couple

Delete GlobeImposter 2.0 ransomware and decrypt .sea, .725, .726 files

‘.sea, .725, .726’ appendix is a hallmark for the data affected by GlobeImposter2.0 ransomware. The sinister

SynAck ransomware to brute-force victims, mark files with random characters

SynAck (aka Syn Ack) ransom campaign is deploying at a significant pace. However, the plague had

Delete Lukitus ransomware and decrypt your data

Lukitus to prove Locky encryption still destroys Lukitus, added at the end of a filename, indicates

How to delete .arena ransomware

Arena ransomware encrypts continuously: data recovery to be coupled with malware removal IT experts have spotted