Delete aMuleC browser adware

aMuleC  (AMule C 2.3.2)  is not an application to satisfy most of the users outside Asia or just China and neighboring countries. Otherwise, it may be of use where it fits the language and preferences of the people.

aMuleC has a legitimate functionality of archiving computer files. Notwithstanding the above, the application in question is rather notorious for its advertising impacts. That is to say, the users dealing with the piece of software called aMuleC report extra ads following the unexpected introduction of the application itself. They are desperate to get rid of aMuleC targeting the related ads and its automatic launching.

AmuleC installation

AmuleC installation

In a nutshell, the program comes in an obscure way to do the things that annoy; furthermore, removal of aMuleC is not readily available and the declared functionality is poor. The newcomer hacks browser start page and tweaks its settings so that the users deal with extra advertisement load.
Despite such a description, the app remains on the safe side. IT security does not recognize it as a full-featured threat, a viral program; hence ignore the issue in general and its extermination in particular. Meanwhile, attempts to remove aMuleC by the users concerned without professional assistance often fail.
The adware typically gets installed on your machine as you load free contents from the worldwide web. You do not aim specifically at the adware. Just the opposite, you would avoid such a download, but the program goes bundled with the target. The bundling is such that you are likely to skip it.

AmuleC browser ads

AmuleC browser ads

The unwelcome guest hops in. The folks behind the adware would call it a win-win situation. They say you have got a wonderful data archiver in addition to the free item initially selected for download. At least, the procedure remains legitimate. The users loading aMuleC agree with the introduction as they click OK or fail to uncheck certain boxes. It is equally legal yet expedient to get rid of aMuleC adware for good. The guidance below will walk you through relevant adware extermination procedure.

Remove AmuleC with automatic antimalware tool

Highly thorough cleaning of the infected system can be carried out using powerful security software whose up-to-date virus definitions and heuristics allow detecting the threat in a matter of minutes and eradicating all of its components from the computer. So follow the steps listed to apply the fix.

1. Click the button to download the stub installer and go through several setup dialogs. Once the tool is up and running, click Start Computer Scan

2. Wait until the cleaner checks the PC for AmuleC malicious code. As soon as the scan is completed, the report will list all malware objects spotted in the system. Make sure the entries for detected infections are checked, and select the Fix Threats feature. This will result in malware removal and system remediation, so you should now be good to go.


Use Control Panel feature to uninstall AmuleC
  • Click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel. Depending on the operating system version, pick the Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a program featurePick Uninstall a program feature
  • Go ahead and look for malicious programs on the list, in particular AMule C (AMuleC) or other entries for recently installed software (suspicious browser add-ons, file downloaders, media players, codecs and the like). Right-click on the potentially malicious object and select Uninstall/Change as shownUninstall suspicious programs


AmuleC infection manual removal

Remove following aMuleC files and folders:

C:\Program Files\aMuleC

Press “Start”>Run> type “Regedit” > press “Search> type “eMuleC”> delete all eMuleC registry values.


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