How to completely get rid of jsblacoleref f 3 step by step jsblacoleref f 3 removal instructions


How to Completely Get Rid of JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 (Step-by-Step JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 Removal Instructions)

In the last several days, PC users in different countries encountered a Java Script attack launched by JS/BlacoleRef.F.3. According to the victims’ description, no matter what antivirus program they used, the virus will keep occurring after the system restart. And the antivirus program will give alert about the virus every 5 or more minutes, which is a really annoying issue since the system become slow or even frozen when the alert occurs too many times. Here are some experiences from the victims:

“eben bekam ich die Warnung über: Java Scriptvirus JS/Blacole.Ref.f.3. Wie sollte ich vorgehen? Mein Luk bicht die suche nach etwa 5-6 min. ab! Kann mir Jemand Helfen?”

“There is a html5-enabling-script attack possible against “wpcontent/themes/twentyeleven/js/html5.js”and also a script-attack against showcase.js just to mention two attack vectors that may threaten this site…”

The virus is still enlarging its victims group everywhere, all of us will be the next victim. We should prepare ourselves to protect our PC and defeat the virus. So, please read the details about JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 here to have a good understanding about the evil things perform by the threat and obtain the easy method to remove it. If you need online professional tech support, click here to get: 24/7 Online Virus Removal Support.

JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 Description

JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 is a severely vicious Java Script Virus which will attack your computer by taking advantage of network exploits and imperil the machine with various viruses to give it a poor performance or even make it unusable. As soon as infiltrating your PC, JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 changes critical system settings and keeps itself active at the background to launch malicious activities. Besides, it will add more and more malicious programs and redundant files to your PC, constantly eating your CPU and RAM room, as well as giving it more vulnerability. Then your computer will experience weird and unstable performance, for instance, your PC will shut down during the boot screen randomly, and fail to load the desktop. Moreover, this virus will keep harassing you with malicious pop ups which lead you to porn website or other objectionable websites. If you click the pop ups and visit the websites which pushed by JS/BlacoleRef.F.3, the hacker behind the websites will keep monitoring your online activities to collect your confidential information used online, such as banking details or credit card information. Once your PC entangled by JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 , it will be very difficult for you to delete it with anti-virus program completely, so it will keep attacking your PC again and again to mess up your PC and make your PC performance worse and worse. Therefore, in order to protect your PC and your precious information, you must get rid of JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 as quickly as possible. If you have any problem or question during the whole removal process, please contact Our agents 24/7 onlinefor more detailed instructions.

Harmful Properties of JS/BlacoleRef.F.3

  1. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 sneaks on your PC without your awareness.
  2. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 highly consumes your system resource.
  3. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 downloads malware on your PC without your consent.
  4. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 leads your confidential information to be stolen.
  5. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 degrades your PC performance seriously.
  6. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 may annoy you with porn pop up or other objectionable websites.
  7. JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 cannot be removed by anti-virus software completely.

How Did JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 Infect My System?

Most of the victims may have no idea and feel confused about how their computer get entangled by this Trojan, since they always follow the rules and behave well on Internet. In fact, there are so many online traps set by cyber criminal, such as the hacked websites, free download but malicious programs, and spam email. When users get access to these resources, this nasty past can lurk into their computer at a flash.

Why doesn’t Antivirus Software Help?

The JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 virus, as many other viruses, is created with malicious code and is changed daily or more often. That’s why any of the antivirus programs can’t keep up to remove the virus. When victim users tried with various security tools, they did not get rid of the virus, but messed up the computer more. Any unsure method is not recommended to remove the virus, but manual removal has always been the most effective way to get rid of it.

JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 Manual Removal Guide

Step 1: Boot your infected computer into Safe Mode with Networking
(Reboot your infected PC > keep pressing F8 key before Windows start-up screen shows>use the arrow keys to select “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter.)

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 processes in the Windows Task Manager.


Step 3: Detect and delete JS/BlacoleRef.F.3 associated files listed below.

%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\
%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\[random].exe
%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\[random].mof
%AppData%[trojan name]toolbardtx.ini
%AppData%[trojan name]toolbarguid.dat
%AppData%[trojan name]toolbaruninstallStatIE.dat
%AppData%[trojan name]toolbarversion.xml

Step 4: Open the Registry Editor, detect and remove these Registry Entries created by JS/BlacoleRef.F.3
(Click Start button> click “Run” > Input “regedit” into the Run box and click ok)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Download “RunInvalidSignatures” = “1″
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClasses[trojan name]IEHelper.DNSGuardCurVer
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClasses[trojan name]IEHelper.DNSGuard.1
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