How to uninstall facebook unfriendapp browser malware


How to Uninstall Facebook UnfriendApp Browser Malware

“What’s going on with my computer? Unknown applications appeared without any reason. Some sort of Facebook program got installed on my browser and I just couldn’t get rid of it. It seems to be called Facebook UnfriendApp. I don’t want it at all, either of those useless information. What should I do now?”
Well, there are more you should know about Facebook UnfriendApp. Is it good? What can it do? This blog will contain the necessary information you need.

Screenshot of Facebook UnfriendApp

What Exactly is Facebook UnfriendApp?

The Facebook UnfriendApp(Facebook Unfriend Application), otherwise known as the Unfriend App, or even mistakenly as the UnfriendApp virus or Unfriend App virus is essentially PUP, categorized as a combination of adware and browser hijacker. The Facebook UnfriendApp has been reported to display pop-up advertisements, as well as unethical pop-underadvertisements which pop-up under an opened browser window and are often noticed when the internet user closes the primary browser window. Pop-under and pop-up ads related to UnfriendApp may contain links to dangerous websites and software, including rogue software and unethical phishing websites.
The UnfriendApp has also been reported to change existing internet browser settings without consent or direct permission of the computer user. Facebook Unfriend App malware may change the home page, default search engine, and other browser settings, as well as browser shortcuts, and Facebook settings, often invading the privacy of Facebook users and spamming on behalf of the Facebook user without direct consent.
What’s worse, browser malware like Facebook UnfriendApp, it will secretly bring you other problems such as Trojan, Worm, even Ransomware. It will utilize your browser for background download. You won’t notice at all unless it’s too late. Those evils will definitely ruin your computer. You may lose important files, have redirect problem on browser, slowness on computer performance, even a completely lock down (Ransomware does best locking down computers and asks for a fee).
To sum up, Facebook UnfriendApp is one browser malware which needs to be removed as soon as possible. We recommend manual removal method. If you have difficulty doing it yourself, you are welcome to contact Our Service Center for professional help.

Why Can’t I Find Anything In Antivirus Scan?

Browser hijacker or adware is one special kind of virus, they won’t show out virus characteristics. The inner workings of antivirus is comparing. So it’s quite easy to understand now why Facebook UnfriendApp won’t show up in antivirus scan: the database of antivirus can’t recognize it. Not only Facebook UnfriendApp can’t be removed by antivirus, but those brought viruses have the power to terminate antivirus program. You may notice the protection on your computer won’t work properly ever since.
We really can’t rely on auto-tools this time, we need to do removal work with our own hands. If you have sufficient expert skill and computer security experience, you can follow our removal guide below.
Caution: Some people mistakenly damaged their computers trying to proceed manual instructions. Please be careful when you decide to go on, or you can contact Our for quick fix service.

Step by Step Guide to Remove Facebook UnfriendApp Browser Malware

Step 1:Open your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del key. Switch to Processes tab, try to find out related process of Facebook UnfriendApp, click on End Process.


Step 2:Open Control Panel, click on Add or Remove Programs. In the program list, find out Facebook UnfriendApp, right-click on the item and choose Uninstall.
Step 3:Search and delete following files.

%ProgramData%\Programs\Facebook UnfriendApp
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