Removal of Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam

Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam pretends to be a native alarm generated by Windows. It is actually a third party warning.

Users need to be aware the original Microsoft Security Essentials does not overlap any folders. If the alarm were true, they would not suffer the failure to access their OS. The fake alert generates a blue screen. It is actually a copy-pasted message of the Blue Screen of Death. The latter is a common reference to the system notification that occurs due to the dump of physical memory. The true Blue Screen of Death may actually notify you of a more serious problem than the scam. In the case of the counterfeit, you basically need to get rid of Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam.

That is to say, a virus is onboard. It is the virus that pops up the scary yet misleading alert. Apart from the big blue screen, the infection generates a smaller window. The window’s title reads ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’. Again, the message is a scam.

 The hackers behind the trickery try to benefit from your purchasing poor quality security software. If you dial the toll-free phone number indicated, you are going to face a typical aggressive marketing.

The advisor would not try to dig into the details, intentionally or not. The suggestion would be to buy a bunch of useless if not harmful software products. The tools imposed on the victims of the scam do not necessarily remove Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam. They are only able to display rather generic alerts and detect obsolete threats.
Fortunately, there is a sure solution for the issue. Initially, that does not require any security software intervention. You only need to properly use the flaws of the scareware. The fake Blue Screen of Death at its top has an alert that features a remote support. Clicking the alert uploads on your default browser. The website itself is also useless, but the useful thing is that you can minimize the browser window. That would bring you to the regular mode of your PC so that you can proceed with the removal of Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam.

Delete Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam manually:

Click to the “Remote support” button on fake Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support alert.

Fake Remote Support MSE screen

Fake Remote Support MSE screen

Fake MSE screen disables your desktop but you can easily reach it by following few simple steps. After you clicked “Remote support” button – press CTRL+ALT+DEL and you will see Windows Security Screen (not fake).


Click “Start Task Manager” and you will see Windows Task Manager. Find bsodm.exe (may vary) process and stop it (click End process).

Stop bsodm.exe process

Stop bsodm.exe process

In task manager click on File menu and then click Run. Type “explorer.exe” and press OK. Now you will see your Desktop!

Type "explorer.exe" here

Type “explorer.exe” here

Now download reliable malware removal solution to get rid of trojan horse responsible for Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam!


1. Click the button to download the stub installer and go through several setup dialogs. Once the tool is up and running, click Start Computer Scan

2. Wait until the cleaner checks the PC for Microsoft Security Essentials Tech Support Scam files malicious code. As soon as the scan is completed, the report will list all malware objects spotted in the system. Make sure the entries for detected infections are checked, and select the Fix Threats feature. This will result in malware removal and system remediation, so you should now be good to go.

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