.Sexy encryption by Globe Imposter ransomware, .Sexy virus to hold data hostage

.Sexy virus is a spin-off of Globe Imposter encryption-for-ransom. The latter, in its turn, is known

Delete Java ransomware and decrypt .java extension files

Java ransomware hacks computer system with AES encryption. While the system can safely operate, the data

Delete Chromesearch.club fake Chrome Start page tab

Chromesearch.club is just another fake Google custom page. Comparing this one against chromesearch.win exposes no difference.

Remove chromesearch.win redirects to avoid noise, spam, pop-ups, privacy issues, malware

Chromesearch.win redirects browsers to its pages, retrieves their data and has nothing to do with respecting

File Spider ransomware – how to decrypt your data and delete this virus

FileSpider ransomware hits Balkan countries. It addresses its victims in the local languages demanding the ransom

QkG ransomware hacks MS Office, for data and for ride

QkG ransomware arrives with a doc-file, fully embedded into the delivered content. Unlike other instances of

Scarab ransomware harnessing Necurs botnet for its new surge

Scarab ransomware has been around for a while. The first surge of this infection dates back

Delete Ordinypt and decrypt your files

Ordinypt, first reported as HSDFSDCrypt, is a trojan that currently proliferates over Germany. The infection looks

Bad Rabbit ransomware removal and data decryption

Bad Rabbit ransomware wreaks havoc from Russia to Turkey, but Ukraine seems to be a true

Delete Chromesearch.today: ultimate removal for the comprehensive adware

Chromesearch.today is a comprehensive advertising issue. Oddly enough, the website’s main page says it is going