Delete Magniber ransomware (.ihsdj and .kgpvwnr extensions)

Magniber is rather a stand-alone computer infection. However, it would address its victims on behalf of

Delete .asasin locky-variant ransomware and decrypt your files

.asasin marks files hit by Locky ransomware. Certain observers state there is a stand-alone infection labeled

.lock file ransomware is back for new victims of its malicious encryption

First mentions of .lock ransomware date back to the beginning of 2016. The plague gradually declined

Delete .ykcol ransomware and decrypt your files

Ykcol is but a spin-off of Locky ransomware, the latter has been around for a couple

Delete GlobeImposter 2.0 ransomware and decrypt .sea, .725, .726 files

‘.sea, .725, .726’ appendix is a hallmark for the data affected by GlobeImposter2.0 ransomware. The sinister

SynAck ransomware to brute-force victims, mark files with random characters

SynAck (aka Syn Ack) ransom campaign is deploying at a significant pace. However, the plague had

Delete Lukitus ransomware and decrypt your data

Lukitus to prove Locky encryption still destroys Lukitus, added at the end of a filename, indicates

How to delete .arena ransomware

Arena ransomware encrypts continuously: data recovery to be coupled with malware removal IT experts have spotted

.Cesar decryption and ransomware removal

.cesar is a file extension, which, if added at the end of a file, indicates the item

SyncCrypt / .kk ransomware. How to delete virus and decrypt your files

SyncCrypt ransomware adds kk at the end of the files as a false extension. The original