Remove JS:Redirector-BOS [Trj] trojan

JS:Redirector-BOS [Trj] is a malicious piece of program code that invades a computer system in order to moderate web-surfing, namely to load certain websites at given circumstances, e.g. in any new tab, when you try to perform a search immediately in the address bar etc. Worst case is when the redirect happens as one tries to open a specific website; that may apply to common search engines so that users may suffer access denial to the tools for exploring the web they are used to.
The infection in question does not create its copies, so that it is not a worm, and does not attach its body to other programs, so that it is not a virus. That is to say, explanations claiming JS:Redirector-BOS [Trj] removal failure has happened due to its extra copies reaming as it propagates as a worm or a virus, well, do not comply with reality.
The real reason for the malware elimination leftovers is that the piece of malware consists of multiple components. Some of those may be omitted as your current security solution performs the trojan elimination, but it keeps detecting those even in a background mode so that users are getting annoyed with basically a legitimate but somewhat spoiled security tool.
Free scanner as published here is a verified solution for such cases enabling to get rid of JS:Redirector-BOS [Trj] along other threats applicable to your PC.

Method 1: Using AdwCleaner + antimalware to remove JS:Redirector-BOS [Trj] infection:

Step 1 > Download and install AdwCleaner. Run “Scan” and remove all infections.

downloadDownload AdwCleaner
Run it to stop and remove adware processes


Step 2 >Download and install SpyHunter. It has a great capability as an antivirus and complex security suite to recognize, identify, contain and remove any and all threats, including, but not limited to, viral infections, malicious software, parasites that propagate using worm and trojan type routine, potential risks (PUP). Choosing to load and install onto your PC SpyHunter, free edition or advanced edition, ensures that you remove JS:Redirector-BOS [Trj] PUP referred to as infection for the purposes of this guide.

downloadDownload SpyHunter
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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