Taskeng.exe removal for counterfeited instances of the Windows Task Engine

Taskeng.exe can be a viral application.

Originally, the application is pretty harmless. Moreover, it is a genuine Windows tool. The operating system, by default, restricts its visibility. Users are not meant to see this file, its operation and updates shall run automatically.

If you see Taskeng.exe flagged as a viral invasion, it might really be the case. Black hat hackers widely misuse the good name of Taskeng.exe to create and distribute trojans. That is to say, the executable could be a classical instance of a trojan that hides its malicious payload under the name of a genuine system file.

Where the file is a fake, it is not a genuine system item. Remove Taskeng.exe under such circumstances.

An original instance of Taskeng.exe shall be a white-listed area resident. If your operating system settings are fine, neither you nor any malware can affect white-listed memory. C:\Windows\System32 is a typical address where you would find a true copy of this item. Again, by default, the users are not meant to see this type of data. The file is signed by Microsoft and has a technical threat score of 4%, which is one of the lowest ratings in the wild.

taskeng.exe pop-up

taskeng.exe pop-up

Antiviruses may report this file as malicious or suspicious under specific detection names. For instance, you may stumble upon trojan.win32.jorik.shakblades.wp or Trojan.Gen. Ransomware readily use this name to disguise its malicious routines. A malicious and counterfeited Taskeng.exe typically resides within C:\Users\USERNAME or C:\Program Files. In both cases, the threat score is over 60%, which is a critical level that requires immediate Taskeng.exe removal action.

To tell true program and system files from their respective malicious counterfeits and get rid of Taskeng.exe, as appropriate, follow the guidance below.

Remove Taskeng.exe with automatic antimalware tool

Highly thorough cleaning of the infected system can be carried out using powerful security software whose up-to-date virus definitions and heuristics allow detecting the threat in a matter of minutes and eradicating all of its components from the computer. So follow the steps listed to apply the fix.

1. Click the button to download the stub installer and go through several setup dialogs. Once the tool is up and running, click Start Computer Scan
2. Wail until the cleaner checks the PC for malicious code. As soon as the scan is completed, the report will list all malware objects spotted in the system. Make sure the entries for detected infections are checked, and select the Fix Threats feature. This will result in malware removal and system remediation, so you should now be good to go.

Use Control Panel feature to uninstall Taskeng.exe
  • Click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel. Depending on the operating system version, pick the Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a program featurePick Uninstall a program feature
  • Go ahead and look for malicious programs on the list, in particular Fast Search, RocketTab, Taskeng.exe, Cleanserp, AmuleC, Seacth Bar, FastWebSearch or other entries for recently installed software (suspicious browser add-ons, file downloaders, media players, codecs and the like). Right-click on the potentially malicious object and select Uninstall/Change as shownUninstall suspicious programs

Run an extra check for Taskeng.exeinfection

For the sake of confidence that the adware has been completely removed, do not neglect the option of repeatedly scanning your system for the associated unwanted files.

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